Alise Kirtley is the writer, performer and co-producer of The Bearing



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Alise Kirtley’s musical journey began at the age of six. A classically trained pianist and composer, she has written pieces for solo piano, choir and ensembles that have been performed across the UK, Europe and America.

While working in the wilds of Utah as a white water river guide and helping to produce the Moab Music Festival, Alise’s love of music and the natural world began to coalesce. From now on her back country hikes would always include manuscript and pencil! The singer-songwriter was born.

On her return to London, she formed her band and began recording as The Bearing.

With BSc degrees in Music Composition and Physics, and an MSc in Sustainability, her thought-provoking songs invariably reflect her strong social conscience and concern for the wilderness.

The Big Bang debut EP contains powerful messages and catchy pop hooks in equal measure. Alise is not afraid to experiment with complex time signatures and different genres, but always remains true to her pop sensibilities. When performing live, The Bearing builds upon the density of the studio productions to create a hugely engaging and uplifting sonic experience.

Alise says: “Music is my bearing. And for me there is nothing more inspiring and therapeutic than hiking in the wilderness. I do believe there is a role for music in raising awareness of the threats that face our natural world today: #art_as_positive_activism”

The Bearing‘s next EP is due for release April 2018.